About Spark Growth

Spark Growth is an integrated marketing strategy, implementation and managed services organisation. Our innovative framework is centred on a managed marketing model that helps businesses capture the growth opportunity available to them.

Our model is built on a flexible, business centric approach that allows organisations to access all aspects of marketing, from strategy through to managed implementation.

A Team for your Business

Our design principles focus on helping businesses get access to a revenue centric marketing department, right from the beginning without the overheads and HR.

You will get a full marketing department of experts running your marketing for you. This includes marketing strategists, researchers, digital marketers, designers, content creators, advertising experts and more. These people are dedicated to your business, align to your ambition, and are dialled up and down depending on your needs.

Our Approach - How Marketing Drives Growth

Meaningful growth is not something that just happens. It is a choice. A carefully planned set of strategies built upon a vision and brought to life by the right actions throughout an organisation. Businesses that take a steady, sustainable and ultimately successful approach to growth focus on multiple avenues. 

Meet the leadership team

Our team of seasoned experts is driven by a shared passion for creating remarkable marketing experiences that propel your business forward. With our deep expertise, proactive approach, and a keen focus on the big picture, we partner with you to achieve your goals and exceed your expectations.


Head of Design

Head of Operations

Head of Web and UX

Head of Project Management

Your Marketing and Design. End to End.

All business requirements are different. We can help you with something as significant as a rebrand, or as focused as a digital advertising campaign.

1. Build a marketing strategy

2. Design a remarkable brand

3. Build a modern website

4. Attract more leads and get more clients

5. Capture ongoing opportunities

We can help your business with all, or any part of your growth journey.

Our Clients

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